Yves du Manoir

You can stop a few moments in front of the monument set up in the memory of Yves du MANOIR. The elders certainly  remember  this grey, sleepy morning of January 2nd 1928. The countryside wrapped in a cocoon of fog is waiting, in the patience of the winter a possible sunny spell. At about 10 am in the morning, the humming of a plane, louder and  louder disturbs this
silence and ends in a crash of broken wood.

Claude Nerrand


   Yves du ManoirYves Frantz Loÿs Marie Le Pelley du MANOIR was born on August 11st  in Vaucresson, near Versailles. His parents, the viscount and the viscountess Le PELLEY stay in that time, for a few days, in this municipality, living generally in Paris, in the street of Rennes..

From his childhood, protected by a lucky star, Yves du MANOIR received several gifts of nature. With a strong and not very common energy, clever, physically pleasant and elegant, he dominates especially in sports :  tennis, athletics and becomes a star in  rugby.

In this sport, his popularity bursts out one day of January 1925 during an international match which confronts the French and Irish teams at the stadium of Colombes. He is brilliant.

A journalist will write :

« The first times we saw this young boy in the French team, the crowd didn't make the choice, but decided to trust his instinct, dedicated him all its enthusiasm. »

Admitted in Polytechnic School on September 18th 1924, he left there in 1926 and chose (active)
aeronautics with the rank of Second lieutenant.

His preparation of pilot's licence for the camp of Avord, near Bourges is seriously disrupted by the
numerous travels towards Paris, because of the trainings and rubgy matches .

On Monday, January 2nd 1928, he withdraws for the match France-Scotland at Colombes. The same
day, he has to execute a piloting test : the Avord-Romorantin-Châteauroux  triangle aboard a Caudron 59.

Accident d'Yves du ManoirDid the pilot, without landmarks, want to look for the route Paris-Toulouse or to identify few places?

On the path of 'Valterie', the death has already spread its sails and as an aligned regiment, hidden away, wrapped up in mists poplars which line the forced river, catch a wheel...

There is not more than a long complaint, a groan in the shiver of the boughs... That is the one of Yves Frantz Loys Marie Le Pelley du MANOIR.