The vineyard of Reuilly

Reuilly AOC Area

In the Indre region - 36 : Reuilly, Diou.

In the Cher region - 18 : Chéry, Cerbois, Lazenay, Preuilly.

Among renowned vineyards of Berry, Reuilly has held a place among the best for a very long time.

The legend says that Dagobert gave the village to the Royal Abbey of Saint-Denis, near Paris, in 638, " with his fields, his meadows, his vines ".

vignoble de ReuillyIn the Middle Ages, the Charters  from 1202, 1365 and 1466 decide on the quantity of wine the inhabitants have to pay to the lordship represented by a Prior. The days of sale are only given  over the lordship . But according to the law of justice, the wine growers have the power " to see, to taste, to check " if the wine of the Prior is saleable ".

Characteristics of Reuilly wines

Ground : kimmeridgien limestone. Brown Marne.

Climate : 5 - 6 strong annuel frost, 2 episodes of hail.

Grape varieties :

— white : sauvignon ;
— red : black Pinot of Burgundy ;
— rosé : pinot gris.

Wine which drinks young.

In 1567, in the book named « Description générale des Païs et Duchés du Berry », Nicolas de Nicolaÿ, geographer in the court of Catherine de Medicis, quotes the wine of Reuilly as " the best of the country of Berry ".

In 1701, in the book  « Coutumes du Berry », the famous jurist Thaumas de la Thaumassière places it at the head of his listing of local wines.

grappe de raisinIn 1864, a barrel of white wine of Mister Martin, owner and mayor, is given to Napoleon III.

In 1884, the phylloxera devastates 400 hectares of vineyard. But thanks to the tenacity and the will of the wine growers, the vineyard is built up again in 1905.

On 9th September 1936, Reuilly gains respectability by the decree AOC for its white wine, and in 1961 for its red and rosé wines.

At the dawn of the 21th  century, the vineyard of Reuilly stretches over 7 municipalities, with an annual and average production of 8000 hectoliters. The surface reaches 200 hectares A.O.C. in 2010.

Hugues Lapaire, famous Berrichon poet, was not afraid of asserting:

" I bow before this wine " honest ". Look at it, this wine! Sniff at it, savor it! It is this wine that gives us our malice, our spirit, our flame, our nice humor!