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Reuilly is anchored in the history of Berry. It was able to keep important monuments for a village
of 2000 inhabitants.

The Lordship of Reuilly

Seigneurie de ReuillyIn the 6th  and 7th  centuries, Reuilly was dominated by a religious lordship dependent on the royal abbey of Saint-Denis,  until 1659. By that time, Messieux de Saint-Sulpice took over until 1789.

The lordship of La Ferté originated after the troubles caused when the Normans came. In the 12th  century, the Templars built a Commanderie in Ormeteau, on the West of the parish.

The Romanesque church

Église Saint-DenisIn the center of the village, the current church replaced a building based on a crypt which dated from the end of the Carolingian era. Built in the end of 11th  century, the church of Reuilly, Romanesque style, is dedicated to Saint-Denis. After important renovation work in 1936, it kept the beautiful aspect of these old white stone churches.
Church opened all year long ; open crypt from Easter to October or on request in the Tourist Information Centre.

The crypt of the church

Specialists date the crypt of  Saint-Denis church between the 9th  and 10th century. It is even authenticated as the oldest heritage of this type in the department. It includes three corridors, with six pillars, and an underground passage gives onto a very beautiful cellar located under the priory (you can visit the crypt but not the cellar, which is private property).

"Cellier-Dieu" or "Grande Maison"

Not far from the church, the « Grande Maison » dominates the roofs of the Village. Old hospice before 1700, dependent on the population of the village, this establishment welcomed sick old men. The south pinion of the building presents a beautiful set with mullioned windows of the 15th  century.

"La Commanderie des Templiers de l'Ormeteau"

Commanderie de l'Ormeteau

Probably built in the 12th  century by the Templars on an old Gallo-Roman camp, the commanderie kept its central building, but the openings were improved several times in the Renaissance period and in the 19th  century.
Visit of the outsides in July and in August.

"Le château de La Ferté"

Château de la FertéThe castle was built in the 17th  century in the middle of the branch of the river 'La Théols' by Jacques de Lafond, secretary of the king, following François Mansard's plans, cousin of the great Mansard. « Le Château dela Ferté » is still very beautiful today. It is one of the most beautiful walks in Reuilly.
Visit of the outsides every day, except in the yard of the castle .

"Le monument Yves du Manoir"

The second lieutenant Yves du Manoir,  captain of the French team of rugby, former student of the
Ecole Polytechnique to the camp of Avord, near Bourges (18), was killed in Reuilly on  January 2nd  1928, to the commands of his plane. The plane crashed near the railway station in the gardens of Valterie. A monument was set up by his family where the plane fell.

Marius Jacob's grave and house

Baptized with exaggeration "Arsène Lupin", Marius Jacob, anarchist of the Belle Epoque, committed suicide in Bois-Saint-Denis, municipality of Reuilly in August 1954.

The street of Concorde (in of Cellier-Dieu)

Fenêtre Renaissance ornée d'une Coquille de St-Jacques de CompostelleCalled formerly " Petite Rue Saint Jacques ", this alley kept some old stones (Scallop and boute wheels).

n the demand(request), the groups can visit the heritage(holdings). The comment is assured(insured) free of charge by Mister Claude Nerrand.
Possibility of tasting, products of country(soil) and some wine of Reuilly, after the visit.
Cost a person 8 €, for any piece of information and reservation contact the Tourist office
(02 54 49 24 94)