Reuilly, in the heart of Berry

Reuilly has existed at the edge of the river Arnon, a tributary of the river Cher since the bronze age.
Les prairies de l'Arnon

It is said that king Dagobert gave Reuilly in 638 to the royal abbey of Saint-Denis, and from this date until the Revolution, in 1789, a religious lordship dominated.

A crypt from the Carolingian period, a church in the primitive Romanesque style of the 11th  century testify of this religious activity.

Norman in 902, English during the 'Hundred Years' War, Reuilly, 25 kilometers from Bourges, knew long periods of devastating wars but the quality of its vineyard always gave it a lasting reputation.

The monks of the Abbey, The Templars of the Commanderie of Ormeteau and the great lords of the
'Château de la Ferté' (built in the 17th century by François Mansard) confirm the big wealth of the past. Earlier, in the 10th century, a feudal castle had been built by Gilbert De Brenne.

In the middle of Champagne Berrichonne, big cereal plain, a Berrichon from Reuilly always faced with calm and perseverance the difficulties of the rustic life: wars of the Middle Ages, diseases, difficulties of weather (hail, frost, devastating thunderstorms, droughts), phylloxera disease...

As every village of France, it is proud of  some famous names, enriching the local history :

  • Marius Jacob, Anarchist of the Belle Epoque, who inspired the character of Arsène Lupin, died in 1954 in Wood-Saint-Denis ( Reuilly)
  • Yves du Manoir, Captain of XV of France, died in its plane on January 2nd, 1928 to Reuilly;
  • Paul Surtel, born in Reuilly in 1893, impressionistic painter

The history(story) of Reuilly deserves more than these few lines. She is very generous and allows Reuillois of today to approach the future by celebrating the past with a glass of wine and some culinary specialities.