If Reuilly is the wine-producing capital of the department of Indre, the municipality is also a  gastronomic city. The various storekeepers indeed present very tasty local specialities.

Thierry Lavezard butcher's shop

Boudin priméOpened since 1989, the Lavezard butcher's shop is known for its specialities of  Berry pork products and its Berrichonne pie. But it is the black pudding which makes its reputation, because it
received in 2001 the Excellent Grand Prix of the black pudding.

Presentation and schedules on the web site of the butcher's shop :isite internet de la boucherie.

Le Panier sympa (grocer's shop)

Small grocer's shop in the middle of the village. A necessity in the trading life.

Home delivery.

La Renaissance (bread and pastry shop)

Galettes de pommes de terreSituated  the street 'La République', this renewed bakery specializes in making varied bread and potato pancakes ( family type).
As for pastry : specialties of pie with prunes, walnut cakes and various fruit pies.
Sablés à la farine de lentilles

Coquin (bread and pastry shop)

Very old bakery with many berrichonne specialties,  potato pancakes, biscuits called 'croquets',
'javelles' (small stalks of chocolate).